Why Digitise the Agricultural Value Chain and Foster a Strong Digital Community?

  • Efficiency: Digitization streamlines farm operations, reduces manual work, and boosts productivity. FARMWISE by Krishify has geo-mapped over 1500 plots for various commodities and approximately 10K+ hectares of sowing farms, all accessible in real-time.
  • Resource Management: Optimize water, fertilizers, and pesticides, minimizing waste and enhancing yields. FARMWISE-mapped farms can be monitored, and timely advisories circulated for better results.
  • Traceability: Digital records ensure complete traceability of produce, building consumer trust and meeting compliance requirements.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Real-time data and analytics help farmers make informed decisions, manage risks, and plan finances effectively. Companies can also monitor their farmers’ land and prepare for the next season with all data in hand.
  1. Knowledge Sharing: Farmers share best practices, experiences, and innovations, improving their farming methods. Krishify currently hosts over 25+ digital communities on various commodities, each with an average of 2,000+ members.
  2. Collaborative Problem Solving: Digital platforms connect farmers with experts, suppliers, and peers for efficient troubleshooting. At Krishify, we engage these communities with crop-specific information and videos.
  3. Access to Market Information: Digital communities provide timely updates on farm-level concerns, market trends, prices, and demand. Agri companies can use these communities to update farmers on their latest technology, products, or campaigns.
  4. Enhanced Support from Agri-Input Companies: Companies can swiftly address farmer issues with research-based solutions.
  5. Improved Farmer-Retailer Communication: Retailers engage directly with farmers, boosting fresh produce procurement and relationship-building.

At Krishify, with our newly launched FARMWISE platform, we are committed to driving this digital transformation, helping farmers optimize their operations, ensure traceability, and connect with a meaningful and vibrant digital community.

  • Comprehensive Platform: Digitising the entire crop value chain with data capture on sowing, harvesting, and input application.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: FARMWISE use satellite data for proactive farm health monitoring and timely interventions.
  • Building Digital Communities: Farmers from specific clusters or commodities are hosted and engaged on the Krishify App, exclusively for companies.
  • Effective Communication: Facilitating seamless interaction between field executives and farmers for rapid and efficient support.
  • Harvest Estimates: Enhanced supply forecasting and visibility for each farm and entire cluster.
  • Enhanced Traceability: Detailed digital records ensure traceability, crucial for organic and IPM products, enhancing compliance and consumer trust.

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