Startups leading technological advancement in agriculture

In India over 58% of the population still depends on agriculture, however, this industry accounts only 20% of GDP s

SaaS in Indian agriculture
SaaS driving efficiency in agriculture
How agribusinesses are leveraging SaaS-based technology to reach millions of farmers

India has been a witness to exponential growth in SaaS-based organizations and the resultant investments, in the last decade. As per Bain & Company

Social networking by farmers
Social Networking By Indian Farmers
How Krishify App is driving behavioral shifts in rural India by bringing farmers within the digital fold.
In the last few years, there has been an internet revolution in India. According to Cisco, there are about 840 million total internet users across the country which is about 60% of the population……
Smart farming in India
What is smart farming and why farmers should adopt it?

Smart farming refers to the usage of technology in agriculture that helps to improve productivity and efficiency. Just like a smartphone which is tech-driven and makes many tasks easier for the end-users, smart farming is….

54% of farmers support the government’s farm bills while 46% oppose them, according to Krishify’s survey.
Support for farm bills differs from state to state, highest in Maharashtra and lowest in Punjab

The survey was conducted between 12th March to 17th March on the Krishify app which has more than 3 million downloads predominantly in Northern, Central, and Western India. New Delhi – In a week-long survey conducted on Krishify, one……

Gurjyot Singh
Rice & Wheat producer

Krishify is my go-to platform for all my crop related queries. Their knowledge repository is vast and expert advice is credible.

crop diseases prevention
Mohan Lal Yadav
Clerk In Agriculture Co-Operative

I posted a photo of diseased crops and got expert advice on my post

Dairy Farmers | Aspura

Krishify helped me in establishing my dairy in many ways. It expanded the source of cattle,its feed..